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Booking an appointment

Nataliya prefers online booking.

Booking for injectables in Skin Clear Laser and Beauty - ph: 91916808, 0421478572

Below is the booking tool of the Coolaroo clinic.

Please select Dr Nataliya Lishchenko from the list of the Coolaroo clinic doctors and a date/time from the calendar.

Before cosmetic procedure please book a 20 minute appointment to discuss your needs, expectations, price and get my opinion about the best option of treatment for you. If you had the treatment before you can send me an email to discuss your needs.

Please book 20 minutes consultation for the following:
  • postpartum 6 weeks mother check ups
  • postpartum 6 weeks baby check up
  • children vaccination
  • contraception advise
  • pre IUD/Implanon insertion (removal) and counselling
  • maternity shared care consultation
  • pap smear

Please cancel the appointment if you can't attend it - it's very important.